Website helps Harvey’s bird seed project off the ground

By Catherine Barkley in Local People

Local web designer, Jess Teague, who works at GMP web design, has created a website for Spread Our Wings, a project at Model Farm, which produces bird seed that has been grown in Herefordshire, which is organic and without any chemical sprays.

The team believe this is much better for the local environment, as the birds eating the seeds are not consuming food that has been grown and imported from halfway across the world.

23-year-old Harvey Sayce, from Ross-on-Wye, had the idea to begin the bird seed project in 2015.

He approached EnviroAbility to try to grow his project, which has been designed to re-educate people about the local eco-system. Since then, the project has grown, and the bird seed is produced at Model Farm in Hildersley, by Harvey and several others.

The team were approached by Jess and Andrew Meek, at GMP Software, who wanted to do their part to help grow the project. Jess explained that Andrew had been researching local bird seeds, and had stumbled across the team’s crowdfunding page. He thought the project was a good cause, and had the idea to help the team by creating a website.

Visitors to the website can find out more about the project, donate to their cause and find out more about the different types of bird seed available.

To see the website, or for more information about the project, visit:

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