Concern over dark street in Ross-on-Wye

By Jo Scrivin in Local People

When Ross resident, Phil Jenkinson tripped as he walked home along Walford Road he decided to make a complaint.

Mr Jenkinson, pictured above, told the Ross Gazette the street is well lit in some places, especially between the turnings to Ashfield Crescent and Ashfield Road, but he added that opposite the junction with Palmerstone Road the street light is hidden by branches and the light from the lampposts on the other side of the road are so weak they really give no light.

He said he has seen other people trip while walking along this part of the road so when it happened to him he rang Ross Town Council. They explained that he needed to tell Herefordshire Council but also suggested that he use a torch. Mr Jenkinson did not feel this was very satisfactory.

He wonders if the lights could be adjusted to be brighter, and he said it is very difficult when you cannot see the kerb as they are so dim.

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