Cats poisoned by litter in a Ross-on-Wye street

By Catherine Barkley in Local People

A Ross woman is urging people to be careful when throwing away anything that could be harmful to animals, after her cat died, after she suspects he ingested rat poison that had been thrown away in a bin bag.

Teresa Andrews told the Ross Gazette that she lives along Walford Road, which is a friendly area, and she has no cause to believe that her seven-year-old cat was intentionally poisoned. She added that she knows exactly what she’s thrown away, or had in her home, and her cat would not have been exposed to rat poison that way.

Teresa had Spider ever since he was a six-week old kitten. She had adopted another five-week old kitten, Cobweb, just a week before, and the two soon formed a close bond, and became a much-loved part of Teresa’s family.

When Spider became poorly, Teresa took him to Vine Tree Vets, and when he was not getting any better, she made the decision to put him down. But she said that she is grateful nonetheless to the vets for caring for Spider before he died.

When she brought him home, and dug his grave, Cobweb was furious with her and lashed out.

Teresa said that Cobweb will sit outside by Spider’s grave all day, and has been pining for him ever since.

She is concerned that Cobweb has also ingested poison, as he is physically ill, and has picked out large chunks of his own fur. She added that he won’t eat or drink when she puts food or water for him, but if her dad cares for him, he will react better.

“He’s not happy anymore,” Teresa told the Gazette. “It’s not fair on anyone.”

She added: “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” so she is urging local residents that if they throw away anything that could be harmful if eaten, such as rat poison, cleaning chemicals, medicine, glass et cetera, that they make sure the bin bags can not be torn open by an animal that may eat what’s inside.

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