Money stolen from a shop till in Ross-on-Wye

By Catherine Barkley in Crime

Local business owners are urged to be on the lookout for criminals who use distraction techniques to commit thefts, after money was stolen from a shop till in Ross-on-Wye yesterday afternoon.

A distraction burglary took place at Return To Splendour on Thursday, June 22nd between 3pm and 3.30pm, where cash was stolen from the till.

A member of staff, who was working in the store, was distracted by a man who claimed that his mother had left a bag in the shop. The member of staff went to search for the bag, but later noticed that money was missing from the till.

Mark Weldt, who runs Return To Splendour, told the Ross Gazette: “The male suspect was on his own, but I’m sure there was more than one operating around the town.”

He added: “General lack of adequate CCTV around the town makes if difficult to trace suspects and, because of this, Ross becomes a target for crime.

“Too many commercial and domestic properties are being randomly hit at the moment.”

Mr Weldt said that he was not in the shop at the time of the burglary, and he was frustrated that he was not there. He added that the business has a number of measures that it usually puts into place to prevent incidents such as this. He said: “We ask for large bags to be left in the front part of shop. The minimum amount is normally left in the till, which is very well hidden and not easily accessible.

“We have experienced distraction techniques before so generally are aware of them. We do not expect staff to challenge offenders in case of risk of harm. However we have a panic button should anyone feel threatened or unsafe.”

He added: “We are in the process of some upgrading work on our security system and that may have been apparent.”

The police are investigating this theft, if you have any information about it that you belive could help in their inquiry, please call 101 and give the refernce number: 604-S-220617.

Read the full article in next week’s edition of the Ross Gazette, out on Wednesday, June 28th.

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