Car crash at Weston under Penyard

By Catherine Barkley in Emergency Services

An 18 year old man was taken to hospital last night (August 2nd) following a car crash on the A40, near Weston under Penyard.

The crash involved two vehicles, and it took place at approximately 8.15pm.

The emergency services were called - an ambulance and a paramedic officer from the West Midlands Ambulance Service attended, as well as two fire crews from Ross-on-Wye.

The 18 year old man, the driver of one car, sustained leg and pelvic injuries. Whilst ambulance staff worked to administer treatment to the man, the fire service extricated him from the car via a roof removal and dashboard lift.

He was given pain relief and immobilised with a neck collar, spinal board, leg and pelvic splints before being taken to Gloucester Royal Hospital.

One other casualty had managed to get himself out of a vehicle prior to the arrival of the emergency services. He did not require hospital treatment.

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