Dark Skies Herefordshire urges Ross Town Council to consider reducing artificial light at night (ALAN), following recent concerns raised by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee. Yolande Watson of Dark Skies Herefordshire has called upon the council to examine options similar to those discussed in last week's Ross Gazette article, "Council to Trial Lights Switch Off for Wildlife."

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee released a paper in July 2023, urging DEFRA to quantify the current levels of ALAN. This call to action is based on mounting evidence that artificial light at night poses a significant negative impact on human health, a point underscored by Yolande Watson. "As your article makes quite clear," she noted, "ALAN has a significant and negative impact on human health."

Dark Skies Herefordshire is asking Ross Town Council to take this issue seriously and consider implementing measures that can minimise the harmful effects of ALAN on both wildlife and human residents. The move aims to align Ross Town Council's initiatives with the findings and recommendations of the House of Lords Committee, thereby promoting public health and ecological balance.

Yolande Watson's question to the council aims to serve as a catalyst for what could be a community-wide shift towards more responsible and health-conscious lighting solutions. It remains to be seen how Ross Town Council will respond.