Ross’s climate group is in the early stages of planning a tree-planting campaign. Local councillors are discussing permissions and suitable locations for the new green initiative.

Councillor Dan Ciolte, a member of the climate group, indicated that they are considering planting trees on land owned by Herefordshire Council. “Part of the climate group, we are going to look at planting some trees. So we’ll be coming to you to find out the grass purges that belong to Herefordshire Council,” said Cllr Dan Ciolte. He also raised questions about whether planning permits would be needed for this initiative.

Responding to Cllr Ciolte’s query, Mayor Cllr Louis Stark, who also serves as a Herefordshire County Councillor, mentioned that the planning could be taken care of by the council. “We’ll just let us know; we can take out the planning there. There is someone within the Herefordshire Council who has got the register of land owners across the county,” Mayor Cllr Louis Stark said.

Cllr Ciolte also noted that they were looking at the side of the road as potential planting locations. In reply, Mayor Cllr Louis Stark suggested that once a list of potential sites is prepared, it could be reviewed for the next steps. “Well, if you give us a list of various sites,” said Mayor Cllr Louis Stark, “We’re not that far yet, but we’ll just make them.”