Ross Town Council, in collaboration with The Wye Valley AONB, Natural England, and dedicated volunteers, has introduced the 'Riverside Management Plan'. This ambitious strategy aims to nurture and elevate the riverside's biodiversity, environmental, and ecological prowess.

Spanning the town's western boundary, the River Wye envelops cherished green spaces, namely the Rope Walk and Long Acre, stretching about 1 kilometre. Thanks to diligent investment and hands-on efforts in recent years, these areas have witnessed enhanced accessibility and vibrant planting, cementing their status as hubs for recreation, relaxation, and leisure.

Duncan Rowe, the Operations Manager, said: "Our Riverside Management Plan outlines the Town Council's aspirations to steward the riverside and adjacent amenities till 2028. Our endgame? Crafting a thriving space for community and wildlife, preserving the innate beauty of our landscape, and championing the well-being of its inhabitants. With sprawling green expanses on the floodplain and areas curated as floodplain meadows, the plan covers a treasured asset."

Key initiatives within the plan encapsulate maintaining the riverbank via tried-and-tested strategies, combating invasive species, amplifying biodiversity via strategic planting, and habitat generation. Furthermore, it underscores the manifold health benefits of utilising this rejuvenated space.