It has been a busy time for Ross and Whitchurch fire crews recently. They were called to assist South Wales Fire and Rescue Service on July 8th when a barn in the Mitchell Troy area of Monmouthshire, containing fire wood and timber products, was well alight. Crews from Gloucestershire were also in attendance.

The Whitchurch crew said: “A huge effort was put in to establish water supplies and CAFS was used to extinguish most of the fire.”

A conifer hedge which caught fire in Brampton Avenue was extinguished using a hose reel jet on July 8th at about 9.45pm.

At 9.20am on July 9th, a fire crew from Whitchurch was called to reports of a van stuck on a wall. They found a medium sized van in a precarious position on a wall. They stabilised the vehicle and relocated it in a car park.

At 10.40pm on Monday, July 9th Ross were called to a fire at Abbotts Close, near to Ross Rugby Club. A large silage bale was well alight. They used a hose reel jet and drag hooks to extinguish the fire.