A collection of commemorative coins was stolen from a house on Charford Road, Bromsgrove, sparking an investigation by West Mercia Police. The burglary, which took place between 9pm and 6am on the night of Monday, 8th May, coincided with two attempted burglaries in the same street, targeting another residence and a shed.

The collection includes 50p, £1 and £2 coins honouring the Olympics and Shakespeare, accumulated by the victim over the years. Images released by the police show the frames once housing the coins.

The police is appealing to the public for help. Anyone with information on the coins’ whereabouts is encouraged to come forward.

Speaking on the matter, the investigating officer, Frances Pendleton, urged residents to remain vigilant and to report suspicious activity. “Such incidents are not just about the financial loss, but also the sentimental value,” Pendleton added.

Those with information are asked to email [email protected].