Harley, a majestic 17-year-old British Warmblood and a formidable 17.1 hands hunter Harling, had managed to get himself into quite a muddle in a large pool near Droitwich. His escape was made all the more difficult by an unfortunate accumulation of silt and mud at the bottom of the pool.

The local fire crew from Droitwich was summoned to the scene, accompanied by the Large Animal Rescue Team from Bromyard, in response to Harley's distress. With years of experience and training behind them, they were well-equipped to handle the situation.

In order to ensure the safety of both Harley and the rescue crew, the decision was made to sedate the horse. For this delicate task, Zara Chew of MBG Veterinary Surgeons was brought in. With Harley now calm, the team was able to work closely and safely to free him.

Harnessing a bit of resourcefulness and ingenuity, the crews employed a telehandler, arranged by the owner, to shift Harley to the side of the pool. He was then gently pulled onto a slide board and guided out of the water. The sight of Harley finally emerging from the water was a testament to the relentless effort and teamwork displayed by the rescue crew.

Following his ordeal, the horse needed a moment to gather himself but was soon back on his feet, much to the relief of everyone present. Zara then performed a thorough check to ensure Harley was indeed alright. When the crews left the scene, Harley was seen walking around just fine - a sight that is sure to bring a sense of pride and relief to the Droitwich and Bromyard communities.