When Leo, a friendly ten-year-old ginger cat came home to Vine Tree Park, Ross-on-Wye, on Tuesday, May 7th, his owner, Janet Gosden thought he looked frightened. She told the Ross Gazette that he just sat quietly by himself in a corner, which is not like him, She wondered if he had been knocked by a car or had hurt his back legs jumping down from a height and kept an eye on him during the night. She said he was very quiet but also cried out a few times so she was very worried. She took him to Vine Tree Vets as soon it opened on Wednesday morning where they examined him and gave him an X-ray.

They saw on the Xray that he had been shot with an air rifle.

Janet said he was very well treated by the vets who removed the pellet and he’s now back home and recovering well, although he is not very happy that he is not allowed outside yet. She said he loves using his cat flap to come and go as he pleases and he is normally avery active and independent cat.

Janet told the Ross Gazette she wants people in the area to know that there is someone in the Vine Tree Park area who has done this to a cat, and they could do it to another one. She also said that it was not obvious that Leo had been shot, so if a cat comes home and does seems hurt or frightened it would be worth getting it checked by a vet.

Janet has reported the incident to the RSPCA and the Police for their records.