A SENEDD petition objecting to the Wales-wide imposition of urban 20mph limits is hurtling in on 400,000 names - smashing all previous records.

The 20mph limit on all restricted roads became the law across Wales last Sunday (September 17), with the Welsh Government claiming it will make roads safer, preventing deaths and injuries, and encourage active travel.

But there has been loud criticism, with a new YouGov poll issued yesterday (Friday, September 22), conducted before the new policy even became law, showing 61 per cent against compared to just 33 per cent in favour.

Tory opponents last week forced a Senedd debate on the issue calling for ministers to scrap the £34m scheme to lower the 30mph urban limit - introduced across the UK in 1935 - to just 20mph.

Although the motion was soundly defeated, they have now pushed through a no confidence vote in Lee Waters, the deputy climate change minister who has overseen the change, next Wednesday (September 27).

Welsh Tory transport spokeswoman, South East Wales MS Natasha Asghar, said: "His position is untenable, it's time for him to go."

But Mr Waters has dismissed the challenge, saying it was a manifesto pledge and: "When speed limits are lower, people feel safer to cycle and to walk, so less people are driving,"

However, the petition against the move shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

The man behind it, former Labour Party member Mark Baker from Bridgend, says: "Welsh Government claim to have supporting evidence stating that reducing to 20mph EVERYWHERE saves lives!

"Yet we get flyers merely claiming that it will, and opinions from doctors that see RTCs coming into A&E.

"This is NOT evidence. The only true evidence is from Belfast (University) and it states it makes NO DIFFERENCE to RTCs!"

The Welsh Government says the policy will reduce pollution by encouraging more people to walk or cycle, while acknowledging that a study by Imperial College found that 20mph limited areas were “pollution neutral” compared to 30mph zones.

Mr Baker says that he doesn't expect his petition to change anything apart from hitting the Labour vote at the next Senedd election, but adds: "Welsh Labour has put out a policy that pushes emissions into the air. Slower speeds, lower gears higher revs, more fuel, more emissions."

To see the petition, go to the Welsh Senedd website.