Stagecoach have decided to make further cuts to their bus services in the area.

Starting from November 20, the 25 route from Mitcheldean to Cinderford to Coleford has now been cut, with some sections of the route being embedded into a new 24 route.

The new 24 route, which went from Gloucester to Chepstow via Coleford, will now go from Gloucester to Coleford via Cinderford.

Forest of Dean routes 27, 710, 748, 755, 761 are also being withdrawn.

This is the latest amonst several rounds of cuts to the area. The Gazette has reported on a number of stories where the reductions in rural buses has left people isolated and, in some cases, made them unable to get to work.

During last week’s full town council meeting an Upton Bishop and Ross British Legion member told the council about how village residents were frustrated by the lack of a consistent bus routes. Support workers from the British Legion were having great difficulty getting out to support their veterans as and when they need to.

Gloucestershire County Council have expressed dismay at Stagecoach for their decision. They added that after months of massive disruption to bus services, Stagecoach has made the move to prioritise urban and commercial routes leaving rural communities isolated.