The market saw 44 finished cattle, 27 cull cows, 1,268 fat hoggs, 312 cull ewes and rams.

Hoggs meet dearer trade than anticipated. Clean cattle and cows meet another scorching trade on Monday, January 30.

Steers, top pence per kilo 308p top price per head £2023; heifers, top pence per kilo 270p top price per head £1697.52; cull cows and overage, top pence per kilo 235p top price per head £1815; hoggets, top pence per kilo 250p top price per head £130; cull ewes and rams, ave £91.90 top price per head £125.

Finished cattle—44 sold at 10.30am with auctioneer William Probert. A short entry of clean cattle met fierce demand from start to finish, with best meated continentals selling from 270–308ppk. A large entry of heavy weight steers and heifers sold from 240–260ppk.

Cull cows—27. A nice entry of cows dominated largely by dairy cows and leaner sorts commanded an unbelievable trade peaking at £1,815.41. More cows required to meet demand.

Finished Hoggs—1268 sold at 9am with auctioneer William Probert. A nice entry of hoggs met a substantially faster trade than anticipated, peaking at £130–250ppk. Many runs of feeding hoggs now being presented with well fleshed hoggs, commanding a premium selling from 240p–250p. Heavy weights sold from £115–£130.