In a surprising turn of events that resonated positively among sellers, the Ross Market on Monday, June 19 outstripped expectations in all categories, according to a report from auctioneer William Probert.

The fast-paced trade took centre stage as a diverse variety of livestock, including finished cattle, cull cows, and lambs, generated substantial interest and demand.

An impressive figure of 54 finished cattle - larger than usual - entered the market, engaging buyers in a swift trade that soared to an impressive £2042. The star of the show were the butcher steers and heifers, whose tight supply could not meet the enthusiastic demand from buyers. A testament to their appeal, several runs of these well-fed cattle sold for prices ranging from 270 to 295 pence per kilo.

In the spotlight, Watkins Partners of Lodge Farm accomplished the double feat of securing the highest selling price per head at £2042.88 and the highest price per kilo at 295p. Close behind were AC & HM Jones of Corner Farm and DM & CS Andrews of Glen Court Farm, both boasting significant achievements in their respective categories.

Despite being dominated by leaner sorts, the cull cows segment too witnessed a robust trade. The best of this category topped at 275p per kilo, fetching an impressive £1980 per head. The day’s top vendors were DE & SJ Cheacker of Ostbridge Manor Farm and CW C Waters of Cross Farm.

However, it was the lamb trade that exceeded all predictions, with as many as 1498 quality lambs enticing a faster trade than anticipated. Prices peaked at a staggering £170 per head, with the heaviest lambs in the greatest demand, sold between £150 - £170. Sellers B Blandford & Sons from Netherton Farm achieved both the highest price per head and the highest price per kilo, demonstrating an impressive command of the market.

The ewe section also experienced a brisk trade despite a shorter entry. Stronger continentals consistently sold between £120 - £140, with prices peaking at £140 per head. Leaner sorts held their own, selling between £85 - £95. The top vendor for this category was GC & GY Jones of Springfield Bungalow.

The auction’s success was mirrored earlier in the month, during the store cattle sale on Thursday 8th June, reinforcing the continued strength of the livestock market in Ross.

For future sales and information, buyers and sellers are encouraged to contact William Probert, the man behind the successful auctions, at Ross Auction Centre.

In essence, the livestock market on Monday, 19th June 2023, echoed with the heartening sound of brisk trades, animated chatter, and the promising clink of healthy transactions, painting a vibrant picture of local commerce. These results offer an optimistic outlook for future auctions and a promising prospect for the farming community of Ross.