Family-run American Diner, Gelatis, is set to bid farewell September 6.

The beloved Broad Street establishment has been the epicentre of delightful meals, laughter, and memories for the community.

Business owner Tina has expressed deep regret over the decision to shut down due to staggering energy bills from BES Utilities Ltd. She warned local entrepreneurs to be wary of the company, citing a tripling of charges which made continuing operations untenable.

Tina praised her team, describing them as “utterly fabulous”. Their camaraderie and dedication have been the backbone of the diner, making it a favourite amongst the locals. Despite the impending closure, Tina is confident that these young talents will go on to carve out remarkable careers.

Comments poured in from heartbroken patrons. Molly French, one of the diner’s employees, fondly mentioned, “Loved working here, gonna miss it so much!”

Shelley Rickards expressed her family’s fondness for the Beuno waffles and wondered where they’d go next.

Natalie Hall reminisced about the sundae delights her children enjoyed, and Heidi Filipovic hailed it as the provider of Ross’s best breakfasts.

The silver lining amid the gloom is that the shop won’t remain vacant. Although Tina remains tight-lipped about the new occupant, she assures the community that another promising business will take its place.

Tina invites all to relish their favourite dishes one last time: “Happy holidays everyone and thank you so much for your support,” she expressed.

The community’s response has been overwhelming. Comments have flooded in, with patrons sharing fond memories and well-wishes for Tina and her team. From regulars raving about the Beuno waffles and the sundae delights to those expressing sadness and extending support, the outpouring of emotion is palpable.

Hannah Swioklo mentioned how her family felt safe dining at Tina’s establishment, while Hannah Elizabeth praised the diner for its generous contributions to local schools and charities.

Many comments were empathising over the energy price hike and how it’s affecting small businesses.

Kts craft warehouse, another local business, expressed their own struggles with BES Utilities Ltd and lamented the challenges faced by Gelatis.

James Peterson said: “Had my first date with Sarah here. Hard to believe we won’t be able to celebrate our 10th anniversary at this place.” Lydia Morison added: “Always stopped by here after the Saturday market. Their coffee and pie after a morning of shopping were unrivaled. It’s more than a diner. It’s an institution.” Claire Bennington said: “They sponsored our school’s annual sports event for three years straight. What a gem of a place! The community will sorely miss them.”