Proceedings at Ross Market (May 8) were nothing short of remarkable, as an impressive 66 finished cattle, 20 cull cows, 934 lambs, 1570 fat hoggs, and 317 cull ewes and rams were showcased in a dynamic trading extravaganza that thrilled farmers and vendors alike.

This outstanding event reflected the vibrant heart of livestock commerce, punctuated by high stakes and determined competition.

The finished cattle proved to be the undisputed highlight, with a superb assortment of 66 specimens drawing significant interest. The market was abuzz with the sale of this premium stock, with prices ranging from 320ppkg to an astounding 339ppkg. Many of the heavier cattle fetched attractive sums from £2000 to £2266, contributing to a robust average of 280ppkg for the entire lot.

W C R Cooke & Son from Nantyderri Farm stole the spotlight, their exceptional steer achieving an unprecedented £2266.81, with their heifer not far behind at £2187.55. DE & SJ Cheacker from Ostbridge Manor Farm also left an indelible mark, with their cattle securing impressive prices per kilo.

Despite a smaller roster, the cull cows segment was no less thrilling, with a brisk and rapid trade that saw quality Friesians peak at £2050 and Limousin cows reach an impressive £2334. Cull Bulls were equally sought after, achieving a hefty peak price of £2250. K J Perry from Hay Farm led the proceedings in this category, securing the top vendor’s price per head.

In the lamb division, an impressive entry of 934 Spring Lambs sparked a fervent trade, reaching a peak of £174 per head and a remarkable 427ppkg. Well-bred springers consistently fetched between 380 and 427ppkg, with an overall average price of £149pph. GM & RD Janes from Gwaylodylade Farm led the pack in this category, their lamb securing an impressive £174.

The inclusion of 1570 finished hoggs added to the spectacle. Larger groups of hoggs presented were met with enthusiastic trade, with prices peaking at a substantial £180 per head. The average price for the hoggs was a respectable £144pph, reflecting the robust demand. GR & KF Parry from Pentre Farm emerged as winners in this category, with their hoggs commanding top prices both per head and per kilo.

The entry of 307 cull ewes saw an uptick in trade, with continentals reaching a peak of £198 per head. The stronger ewes consistently traded from £140 to £198 per head, while leaner or smaller ewes fetched between £85 and £100 per head, showcasing the diversity and vitality of the market.

The proceedings at Ross Market were not only a grand spectacle but also a testament to the tenacity and strength of Herefordshire farming. It served as a reminder that, in the face of challenges, farmers, vendors, and auctioneers can unite to foster a marketplace that is invigorating as as well as essential to the rural economy.

Ross Market remains a focal point of rural activity and anticipation, with more sale fixtures on the horizon, it promises more captivating auctions. For those intrigued by future events or sales, Ross Auction Centre or the auctioneer, Will Probert, can provide more information.