Farmers and traders witnessed a blistering trade in both lambs and cattle. The market, held on Monday, 11th September 2023, saw a significant turnout with 43 finished cattle, 24 cull cows, 929 lambs, and 160 cull ewes & rams up for sale.

The highlight of the day was the sale of clean cattle, which saw a peak at a whopping £2065. Many of these well-finished Continentals were sold between 270p – 286p per kilo. Watkins Partners from Lodge Farm emerged as the top vendor, with their cattle fetching prices ranging from £1976.26 to £2065.54.

On the other hand, the lambs met an equally impressive trade, peaking at £138. Heavier lambs were particularly in demand, trading from £130 upwards. Medium weights were not far behind, selling between 265p – 277ppkg. The overall average price for lambs stood at £115, with an SQQ of 262ppkg. Boultbee Brooks Ltd from Welcheston Court and D J Waters from Thornwell Farm were among the top vendors in this category.

The cull section also saw a robust trade. A short entry of culls reached up to £162 for a run of Continental x. Stronger Continental x ewes were in demand, fetching prices between £110 - £162. The leaner sorts were sold between £80 - £95, with the overall average price of ewes being £82 per head. Monnow Marquees from Hill Farm and W J Miles from Lower Cwm Farm were the top vendors in this section.

The market also saw an increased entry of cows, which peaked at 208ppkg or £1628. The better-bred Continentals were sold between 180p – 208ppkg.

For those interested in upcoming sales, Ross Auction Centre has announced its forthcoming sale fixtures. On Thursday, 14th September, there will be a sale of 120 store cattle at 11:15 am. The following week, on 21st September, an online and live antiques sale is scheduled at 10:00 am. Another sale of store cattle is set for 28th September at 11:15 am.

For more details or to get in touch with the market representatives, you can contact Will Probert at 07595 315902 for queries related to lambs, cull ewes, store sheep, finished cattle, cull cows, and store cattle. For antiques and fine art inquiries, Roger Garlick is available at 07855 050402.