Ross Auction Centre witnessed an exceptional trade on Monday, 15th May 2023.

Under the skillful gavel of Auctioneer William Probert, the bustling marketplace saw transactions for a total of 47 finished cattle, 23 cull cows, 964 lambs, 1291 fat hoggs, and 491 cull ewes and rams.

Highlighting the robust market dynamics, finished cattle met a blistering trade, topping at £2517. Lambs and ewes also saw strong interest from buyers. The notable demand was reflected in the steep prices fetched by the livestock. Steers peaked at 340p per kilo, or a staggering £2308 per head, while heifers, not far behind, attained 335p per kilo and £2151 per head. Cull cows and overage cattle witnessed an equally robust trade with a top price of £2517, or 269p per kilo.

The auction centre presented a shorter entry of clean cattle. Despite the lower numbers, demand remained high, with prices peaking at £2308.60 per head or 340p per kilo. Superior quality steers and heifers consistently sold from 320p to 340p per kilo. Heavier cattle were not left behind, with sales ranging from £2000 to £2308.

There was strong representation from top vendors, including W C R Cooke & Son from Nantyderri Farm, and DE & SJ Cheacker from Ostbridge Manor Farm, who both fetched exceptional prices per head and per kilo. W C R Cooke & Son, for instance, saw their cattle go for a top price of £2308.60 per head and 340p per kilo.

The cull cows, meanwhile, saw a solid entry with Grade 1 continentals peaking at £2517, or 269p per kilo. Many other well-meated cows consistently sold from 220ppkg to 269ppkg. Top vendors in this category included K J Perry from Hay Farm, C & L Warner from Storesbrook Farm, and M & B Farms from Mulhampton Farm.

The lamb trade, too, was fast-paced with a nice entry of spring lambs peaking at £165.50. Best quality continentals sold from 380 to 409p per kilo, with heavyweights ranging from £155 to £165.50. Sexty Bros from Trewen Farm, R J Watkins from Green Farm, and H H Williams & Son from Red Barn Farm were the top vendors in the lamb category.

The market also saw a reduced entry of hoggs, with meat being key to demand. Heavyweight hoggs met the strongest demand, peaking at £170 per head, with many trading from £155 to £170. D Clothier & Sons Ltd from Shooters Bottom Farm, GG & HE Sevenoaks from Parc Lodge Farm, and FJ & RC Probert from Rylstone were among the top vendors in this category.

In the meantime, an improved entry of ewes met a ferocious trade, peaking at £190, with many stronger sorts consistently selling from £140 to £190 per head. Leaner ewes sold from £90 to £110. Top vendors in this category included B E Arthurs from Trewarne Farm, H H Williams & Son from Red Barn Farm, and RB & JM Carter from Carswells Farm.

The impressive market dynamics came on the heels of the sensational trade on Thursday, 11th May 2023, when a fantastic entry of 347 store cattle met a sensational trade, with steers peaking at £2180.