Ross Farmers Market saw an exceptional turnout on Monday, April 3, with both buyers and sellers rejoicing in the lively trade of livestock. As a testament to the thriving agriculture in the region, the market recorded remarkable sales figures and high-quality livestock across the board.

A total of 66 finished cattle were brought to the market, with steers and heifers fetching impressive prices. Steers reached a peak sale price of £2181, while heifers topped at £1972. Heifers in the medium weight category averaged £1488.32 at 271.14p per kilo, while steers in the same weight category averaged £1686.22 at 277.49p per kilo.

The first spring lambs of the season also went under the hammer, with the 153 lambs on offer averaging an impressive £132 per head. The market saw the highest price per kilo for lambs reach a staggering 406p, with many continental breeds selling between 370p and 406p per kilo.

Finished hoggs experienced a similarly strong demand, with a larger than usual entry topping at £155 per head. The overall SQQ average for hoggs was 285p per kilo, with export weight hoggs selling at a brisk trade between 290p and 321p per kilo.

Cull ewes and rams were also in high demand, with 251 sold during the market. Quality continental ewes reached a peak of £150 per head, while many Suffolk-crosses sold between £130 and £140. Leaner sorts sold for between £80 and £95, with an overall average of £106 per head.