An exciting market sale took place at Ross Market, showcasing some impressive livestock.

The event, conducted by esteemed auctioneer William Probert, featured an array of cattle, lambs, hoggs, ewes, and rams, with record-breaking prices achieved for many of the lots.

A total of 63 finished cattle were entered, with the best quality selling for a staggering 310 to 330 pence per kilogram (ppkg). Top vendors W C R Cooke & Son from Nantyderri Farm dominated the market with the highest prices, achieving £2339.70 and 330.00p per kilo for steers and £2245.95 and 320.00p per kilo for heifers.

Eighteen cull cows were also presented, with trade peaking at an incredible £2015. The entire consignment of cows achieved an impressive average of 212ppkg. The highest price was awarded to MR & DM Watkins & Son from Ballingham Hall, with their cow fetching £2015.52.

An impressive 565 lambs were also entered, with a blistering trade that peaked at £166, or 400ppkg. Lambs weighing between 36 and 40kg fetched prices from 360 to 400ppkg, while heavier lambs sold for £155 to £166 per head. The overall average price for lambs was £148 per head, with an average weight of 41.1kg. D A Davies from Winters Farm stole the show, achieving both the top price and the highest price per kilo.

A total of 1256 finished hoggs were also presented, with well-meated export hoggs selling between 310 and 338ppkg. Heavier weights fetched prices from £150 to £166 per head, emphasizing the importance of meat quality in securing premium prices. M Watkins from Pool Farm took the top price and price per kilo with £155 and 338ppkg, respectively.

Cull ewes and rams saw a firming in trade due to a post-festival tightening of numbers. The best quality ewes sold between £140 and £151, with leaner sorts fetching £85 to £100. The overall cull ewes average price was £106 per head. The highest price was awarded to C & L Warner from Storesbrook Farm, with their ewe fetching £151.

This exhilarating market event also featured an upcoming collective sale of surplus high-quality farm machinery and equipment, scheduled for 20th May 2023 at Ross Market, Overross, Ross on Wye (HR9 7QQ). Entries for this sale are being invited.

Forthcoming sale fixtures were announced, including a store cattle sale on 11th May, live-only and online-live furniture sales on 17th and 18th May, and a machinery sale on 20th May.

With an electric atmosphere and record-breaking prices, this market sale was a testament to the thriving livestock trade in Herefordshire. The community eagerly anticipates the next event, where the exceptional standard of animals and equipment will no doubt continue to captivate buyers and sellers.