No3 Ross-on-Wye, a prominent local establishment, has announced that Peter Price and Unda Pop, chefs with an impressive Michelin-starred background, are the new joint owners. After collaborating with No3 for several months and crafting extraordinary specials that reflected their Michelin expertise, the duo's addition as co-owners has been eagerly anticipated.

They will be working closely with existing stakeholders, to elevate the No3 experience further. This transformative move has resonated positively with the Ross-on-Wye community, drawing a plethora of congratulatory messages.

Sally-Anne Vines highlighted this development as a "winning combination", while Iain Campbell lauded the news as beneficial for both the establishment and the town, wishing them continued success in bolstering No3's already stellar reputation. Other patrons such as Gill Hewitt reminisced about memorable experiences at No3, expressing excitement for the establishment's evolving journey.

Many, including Little Chic Children's Clothes and Toys Boutique and Paul Morgan, are keenly awaiting their next visit to enjoy the elevated offerings at No3. The general consensus remains optimistic, with the community cheering on No3's continued ascent in the hospitality landscape.