A Milkwall family have contacted The Gazette following an upsetting episode at the Lidl supermarket in Coleford.

Janice Monk, whose partner (Trevor) and son were on their weekly shopping run on Monday, June 26, shared their experience of being abruptly stopped by the store manager on the final aisle of their shopping routine.

Unexpectedly, the family was guided outside and asked to submit their personal hand-trolley for a search. The manager cited the recent surge in shoplifting as the reason for their stringent measures, leaving the family feeling rather confused and annoyed.

What exacerbated the situation was the lack of clear signage in the store prohibiting customers from bringing in personal hand-trollies. The family couldn’t help but feel singled out due to this incident. Mrs Monk’s communication to The Gazette hopes to raise awareness about the upsetting encounter, she expressed the need for clear store policies and respectful treatment of customers.

Lidl were contacted for comment, but have not yet responded.