Ross-on-Wye livestock market on Monday, April 24 witnessed a reduced entry of livestock, yet faster trades than anticipated. With 51 finished cattle, 29 cull cows, 336 lambs, 1267 fat hoggs, and 316 cull ewes and rams up for sale, the auction was abuzz with excitement.

Auctioneer William Probert oversaw the sales of finished cattle, which included steers and heifers. The top price per head for steers reached £2,176.72, with top pence per kilo at 332p. Heifers saw a top price per head of £2,044.02, with the top pence per kilo at 326p. The high-quality butcher steers and heifers sold between 320-332ppkg, with many heavier cattle fetching impressive amounts.

Cull cows and overage cattle experienced an exceptional trade, with well-meated dairy cows consistently selling between 200-230ppkg. The top price per head reached £2,090.70.

The 336 lambs up for sale witnessed a peak price of £172, with sweeter sorts selling between 360-381ppkg. The most popular weight range was 36-40kgs. The overall average price of lambs stood at £143 per head, with an average weight of 40.2kg.

Fat hoggs saw a faster trade, peaking at £152. The best sold hoggs were 38-43kg continentals, selling between 300-325ppkg. Heavy hoggs fetched between £145-£152. The overall average price of hoggs was £138.27, with an average weight of 46kg.

The shorter entry of ewes experienced a buoyant trade, although not quite reaching the previous week’s high. Suffolk x ewes hit a peak of £125, with stronger Continentals selling between £110-£125, and leaner sorts ranging from £80-£95. The overall average for ewes was £90.71 per head.

As well as the livestock sales, several forthcoming sale fixtures are scheduled, including a store cattle sale on Thursday, May 11, a furniture sale on Thursday, May 18, a machinery sale on Saturday, May 20, and another store cattle sale on Thursday, May 25.

The Springtime Spectacular Collective Sale of surplus high-quality farm machinery and equipment will be held at Ross Market on Saturday, May 20. Entries are invited for this sale, and all catalogue submissions should be forwarded to [email protected] or [email protected].

For more information, contact Will Probert at 07595 315902 for enquiries on finished lambs, cull ewes, store sheep, finished cattle, cull cows, and store cattle. The Ross Auction Centre can be reached at 01989 762225 or [email protected], and Roger Garlick at 07855 050402 or [email protected] for antiques and fine art.