Steers: top pence per kilo 288p top price per head £1962. Heifers: top pence per kilo 370p, top price per head £2,246. Cull cows and overage: top pence per kilo 225p top price per head £1993.56. Lambs: top pence per kilo 336p top price per head £166. Cull ewes and rams average: top pence per kilo £87.44 top price per head £15.

The Christmas show presented some real crackers from vendors with well meated butchers heifers attracting the greatest demand of the day. The supreme champion heifer reached 370 price per kilo and topped £2,246. The entry was dominated by plainer native bred commercial cattle, which sold between 220–240ppk.

A nice entry of cull cows met a glorious trade with grade one continentals peaking at £1,993. Well meated dairy cows consistently sold from 170–190ppk.

The Christmas show and sale generated an influx in lambs and trade with the best heavy weights peaking at £166–£336 price per kilo. Medium weight export lambs consistently traded between £260–£330 price per kilo. Heavy weight lambs stepped up a gear with 57kg lambs reaching £166 with many other 50kg lambs selling between £140.

An increased entry of ewes and rams met a continued demand. Continentals sold to £157, Suffolks to £135, Mules to £118 leaving an overall average of £87.44. An entry of varied quality rams sold to an average of £114.14