Ross Auction Centre witnessed a flurry of activity as a variety of livestock was traded at impressive prices.

The market report for Monday, 10th April 2023, showcased a collection of 20 finished cattle, 15 cull cows, 31 lambs, 1035 fat hoggs, and 344 cull ewes and rams.

Auctioneer William Probert conducted the sale, which saw a short entry of cattle being easily sold, with the highest price reaching £1,994 for steers. Heifers and cull cows also fared well, fetching top prices of £1,682 and £1,720, respectively.

The market was dominated by larger framed cattle, and well-shaped butcher steers and heifers were in short supply. Despite this, the overall average price for steers and heifers was healthy, with steers averaging 276.54p per kilo and heifers at 270.83p per kilo.

The bank holiday sale also saw a nice entry of cows, peaking at 220p per kilo and £1,720 per head. Many continentals sold from 200-220p per kilo, and the average price for all cows was £1,353 per head.

In the lamb section, the overall average price was £131, with an average weight of 44.4 kg. Medium-weight lambs topped the chart, selling for 368p per kilo and £147 per head, followed by standard and heavy lambs at £106 and £140.23 per head, respectively.

The finished hoggs category met a blistering trade, with the highest price achieved at 313p per kilo and £148 per head. The strongest demand was for medium-weight export hoggs, selling from 295-313p per kilo. Heavyweights were also in demand, selling from £140-148 per head. The overall SQQ for hoggs was 294p per kilo.

Cull ewes experienced a firm trade, with the stronger ewes topping at £135 per head. The entry was dominated by NCM ewes selling from £90-£110. Overall, ewes averaged £94 per head.

The Ross Auction Centre will continue to host sales, with the next store cattle sale scheduled for Thursday, 13th April 2023, at 11:15 am.

Another store cattle sale will be held on Thursday, 27th April, with entries for the catalogue to be received by 20th April.

In addition to livestock sales, the auction centre will also host an online and public auction of antiques, interior furnishings, jewellery, and collectibles on Thursday, 20th April 2023, at 10:00 am.

Public viewing for the event will be on Wednesday, 19th April, from 2 pm to 7 pm.