This week’s Ross Market saw 57 finished cattle, 23 cull cows, a whopping 1,344 fat hoggs, 227 cull ewes and rams.

Sale of cull Cows and cull ewes “on fire” according to reports. Clean Cattle meet a “flying trade”. Hoggets far dearer than expected.

Steers top pence per kilo 290p, top price per head £2055.38. Heifers top pence per kilo 322p, top price per head £1938.65. Cull cows and overage top pence per kilo 233p, top price per head £2029.73. Hoggets top pence per kilo 252p, top price per head £116.50. Cull ewes and rams average £100, top price per head £130. Auctioneer was William Probert.

One of the market’s dearest trades seen on clean cattle with heifers peaking at 322 pence per kg and strong steers selling for £2055. An entry of 7 steers from MA Hardy Ltd averaged £1,970. Overall steers averaged 268 pence per kg and heifers averaged 260 pence per kg.

A nice entry of hoggs met a far dearer trade than expected, getting up to £116.50–252ppkg. The falling deadweight price did not affect the live weight trade showing the power of the market system. Well meated medium weight hoggs sold from 245 - 252ppkg. Heavy weight hoggs sold from £112–£116.50. Auctioneer was William Probert.

A shorter entry of ewes met a fast and furious trade peaking at £130 for well meated texel x and Suffolk x ewes. There were no super stars forward in the entry, however every ewe sold reaching an average of £100. More ewes required to meet demand from buyers.

Store cattle start the year off with a bang, peaking at £1,,700.

An entry of 91 steers met a blistering trade from start to finish, reaching £1680 for a run of Charolais x from A W Lewis. Younger steers peaked at 312ppk for a run of Limousin x (420kg - £1310) from CW & OL Probert & Co.

Many other well bred grazing steers sold at £1370 (13 month old Lim x). A run of 15 month old British Blue x steers from Boultbee Brooks Ltd bringing in prices of £1,340, £1,230, £1,220 and £1,140. Overall steers averaged £1,050ph and 248ppkg.

Heifers attracted as much interest as the steers peaking at £1700 for an entry of Lim x (20 months) from KJ Perry, entries from the same vendor sold at £1690 and £1510 (550kg–20 month old Lim x).

Overall heifers averaged at £923ph and 238ppkg.