Urchins Gallery and Artisan Gift Shop, located at No. 8 Crofts Lane, is the collaborative effort of two incredibly talented local artists, Tara Slater of The Lesser Spotted Kiwi and Julie Cannon of Watercolour Puddles.

Recently featured on Instagram by @wyeunique, the account shared stunning images of the gallery’s interior, with a heartfelt recommendation to visit and support local artists and small businesses. The post highlighted the diverse range of artistic creations on display, from pottery and enamels to candles and glass fusions. In response, Urchins Gallery and Tara Slater expressed their appreciation for the support and the fantastic photos shared.

The gallery is not only a showcase for Tara and Julie’s mesmerising artwork but also a platform for a variety of local artisans. Visitors can expect to discover an eclectic selection of unique pieces, perfect for gifting, personal collections, or mementos from a visit to Ross-on-Wye.

Tara Slater’s passion for the natural world and animals is evident in her intricate lino and relief carvings, while Julie Cannon’s enchanting watercolour paintings depict local birds and creatures, often incorporating vintage finds and steampunk elements for a truly distinctive style. The creative duo, who first met as members of the artist co-operative Made in Ross, are strong advocates for the local community and aspire to make Ross-on-Wye a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

Urchins Gallery goes beyond offering a visually stunning array of artwork. It will also host a dedicated workshop space for various creative pursuits. Tara Slater will lead regular printmaking workshops, while other sessions will cover diverse topics such as enamelling, felting, and jewellery making. These workshops aim to provide a hands-on experience for aspiring artists and enthusiasts, further enriching Ross-on-Wye’s artistic community.

The gallery’s opening hours are 10 am to 4 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Artisan makers interested in showcasing their work at Urchins Gallery can find more information by following their Instagram account @urchins_gallery or by emailing [email protected].

As Ross-on-Wye’s artistic community continues to flourish, the opening of Urchins Gallery and Artisan Gift Shop marks a significant milestone in supporting and nurturing local talent. With its breathtaking collection of artwork and commitment to fostering creativity through workshops, Urchins Gallery is poised to become an unmissable destination for art lovers.