The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, Ross on Wye, has been recognised with a 'Good' rating of 4 by the Food Standards Agency. The inspection was conducted on 7 June.

Key highlights of the inspection report indicated that the "Cleanliness and Condition of Facilities and Building" at Yew Tree Inn was adjudged 'Good'. This covered vital aspects such as the overall cleanliness, the appropriateness of the venue's layout, effective ventilation, sufficient handwashing facilities, and pest control measures. These elements play a crucial role in guaranteeing good food hygiene, and the Yew Tree Inn's attention to detail in these areas is commendable.

The inn's "Management of Food Safety" was also labelled as 'Good'. This accolade comes after the Food Safety Officer observed efficient systems and checks in place at the establishment to ensure food safety. The evidence that staff are well-informed about food safety protocols further bolstered this rating. This recognition will instil confidence in patrons that the Yew Tree Inn is committed to maintaining these admirable standards in the coming times.

While the "Hygienic Food Handling" standards at Yew Tree Inn were found to be 'Generally Satisfactory', it is evident that the pub continues to strive for excellence in all areas of its operations.