Residents of Linton, near Ross-on-Wye, are going to see some subtle but significant changes taking place at their village hall in response to the global climate emergency.

Members of the village hall committee have agreed unanimously that every future decision they make will take into account its impact on the environment and they’re encouraging all the groups who regularly use the facilities – like the WI, pilates, tai chi and arts groups – to do likewise.

The recent autumn spring clean saw volunteers using eco-friendly and recyclable products, including vinegar and newspaper to clean the windows.

The old fashioned, energy-guzzling stage lamps are about to be replaced with LED lighting in time for the November fashion show.

The hall will also be backing the initiative by 1st Linton Brownies to abandon single use plastic and will continue promoting environmentally-friendly local businesses (like Two Farmers, whose homemade crisps come in compostable bags) at hall events.

“In the longer term we’re going to consider getting our electricity supply from a more sustainable source and reupholstering rather than renewing furniture,” said a committee member.

There are ideas for the village hall grounds too, like adding more pollinator-friendly plants to the enclosed garden and creating a ‘corridor’ for wildlife - “the sort of projects which might be of interest to the gardening club and the brownies” - which could include bug hotels and a safe space for hedgehogs.

“We believe that if we all do our bit it sends out a positive message to people in power that things need to change. We’re only custodians of the planet and future generations will hold us to account. The choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and so on, all make a difference.”

The hall committee will be publicising the campaign at every opportunity, including via the website and newsletter.

The local brownies recently gathered up all the single use plastic from their homes and spread it out the length of the village hall, forming the shape of animals like dolphins that are affected by pollution.

Activities like this, it seems, have helped to ring the changes.

The hall committee welcomes ideas to add to the list. Please email: [email protected]