A THREE-stage project to renovate the Angus Buchanan Recreation Ground in Coleford has started thanks to a £50,000 grant.

Waste management firm Enovert, which operates a transfer station in Lydney, has supplied funding for the project, which will see repairs carried out around the site and a new parking area created.

The Recreation Ground, named after Captain Angus Buchanan, a recipient of the Victoria Cross during the First World War, had suffered from years of neglect.

The Angus Buchanan VC Recreation Ground Trust began a fundraising campaign in 2017 towards this project.

The works will coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the establishment of the Angus Buchanan VC Recreation Ground Trust, which was marked with a community event last month.

The project is made up of three stages.

Firstly, the gated entrance, previously opened by the Duke & Duchess of Beaufort, requires urgent attention as certain areas of the ironwork are corroded.

Secondly, the existing timber fence surrounding the children’s play area will be replaced with a RoSPA-approved security fence.

The third and final component of the project will address the parking challenges faced by users of the Recreation Ground.

The significant increase in visitors during the COVID pandemic has resulted in more cars on the grounds, causing damage to ancient trees, including those with Tree Preservation Orders.

To alleviate this concern, a soft-surfaced parking area will be created, preventing unauthorised parking and minimising any further damage.

Clive Hooper, Secretary and Treasurer of Angus Buchanan VC Recreation Ground Trust, said: “We would like to thank Enovert Community Trust for its generous grant, which has enabled us to embark on this special project.

“We eagerly look forward to the project’s completion, knowing it will greatly benefit our local community.

“With Enovert Community Trust’s grant and support from Coleford Town Council, Coleford Area Partnership, Gloucestershire County Council, and Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association, this much-needed project will soon become a reality.

“The initiative will honour the ground’s history, enhance safety, and promote environmental conservation.”

The Angus Buchanan VC Recreation Ground is located just over seven miles from Lydney Transfer Station, which is operated by Enovert.

The Enovert Community Trust supports a range of environmental and community projects in the areas in which the firm operates.

For more information on Enovert Community Trust, contact Angela Haymonds on 01753 582513 or [email protected], or visit www.enovertct.org.