RESIDENTS of Croft Lane in Ross-on-Wye have formed a collective to fund a mural to reinvigorate the street. 

A group of neighbours have come together to pay for a local artist and Croft Lane local Lottie Wright to clean up and paint some art on a run-down wall. 

Ross resident, Lottie is currently studying illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Lottie also painted murals in the sensory garden at the bottom of the Thomas Blake Memorial Garden and wanted to use her art to brighten up where she lives. 

Lottie said: “The wall used to have lots of ugly graffiti over it and when that was covered up the wall became a perfect canvas.” 

“My mum had always had the idea for a mural, so when the neighbours came together to fund it, I was happy to do it.”  

Residents agree that the mural has dramatically improved the street. Lottie will be hoping to showcase her artwork around Ross in the future.