John Sherahilo, a Ross on Wye landscape painter, is exhibiting at “The Nest” at Little Verzons Farm on Hereford Road Ledbury HR8 2PZ. The exhibition will be there for the whole of March. If you visit not only will you be able to view Johns works but also buy lunch and or coffee and cake.

In addition to his Alcohol Ink paintings he has added mixed Media work to his exhibition portfolio.

Alcohol Ink is an exciting, vibrant medium in the art world that allows a free flow of expression with a variety of techniques. The powerful colour, use of non-absorbent surfaces and ability to maintain a clear seal with varnish or resin have allowed ink art to attract an exclusive range of enthusiasts. Much of my  Alcohol Ink work is on Yupo Paper a shiny, non absorbent synthetic paper, but also on treated canvas and wood panels.

With Mixed Media, the combination of spray, acrylic and oil paints, together with oil sticks, pastels and other materials go to create my style of mixed media by layering to create an overall impression.