Concerns were raised about the Ross Police Station’s lack of front desk services at the Ross Parish AGM last Thursday.

One resident questioned whether the building could be put to better use, such as being turned into a hostel for the homeless.

PCSO Simon Hall addressed the comments, stating that while the building is not manned 24/7, anyone is welcome to ring the doorbell at any time, and if an officer is in, they will come down to assist.

Some expressed frustration with the lack of visibility of police officers in the area; one speaker had rung the doorbell and received no response.

PCSO Hall emphasized that the police have a large area to cover and cannot be in the police station all the time.

Officers are often out in local villages and on patrols, and attendees are advised to sign up for the Neighborhood Matters program, which provides email alerts on police activity in the area.

Despite criticism, others spoke highly of the Safer Neighbourhood Team and their efforts to interact with the community.