Three residents of Open Fields, a traveller camp located in the heart of Herefordshire, are facing imminent eviction. This decision comes as a result of their persistent fly-tipping activities, amounting to a clear violation of their agreement with Herefordshire Council.

Open Fields, nestled in the Linton industrial estate just east of Bromyard, is a rural traveller site boasting ten refurbished pitches. It’s one of the six sites listed on Herefordshire Council’s website and is under the council’s direct ownership.

The three unnamed travellers have been found guilty of continuous waste offences at the site, triggering legal actions to eject them. In a stark breach of the terms of their ‘pitch agreement’, they’ve been implicated in dumping rubbish not only on their own pitches, but also elsewhere on the site and the service road leading to it.

Herefordshire Council’s decision notice states that the residents were issued multiple warnings about the potential eviction if they didn’t stop these unlawful activities. Despite these warnings, the persistent fly-tipping continued, compelling the council to take a stance and move forward with the eviction.

The impending ejection underscores the council’s crackdown hoping to serve as a warning to others who might contemplate a similar disregard.