In a recent perceptions survey conducted by Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, an impressive 94% of respondents gave their vote of confidence to West Mercia Police. This reveals a strong community backing for the work done by the local law enforcement in Ross-on-Wye and the broader Herefordshire area.

Of those who participated, a significant 9 out of 10 residents were clear in their support for the constabulary, indicating a positive public attitude toward the force. Herefordshire, in particular, boasted high confidence levels, with 79% of local residents and crime victims expressing faith in receiving good service from West Mercia Police.

The survey unveiled some welcome news: 88% of Herefordshire respondents do not perceive crime or anti-social behaviour as issues within their community. This is a testament to the joint crime and anti-social behaviour prevention efforts by the PCC, West Mercia Police, and local partners. Among these initiatives is the funding of impactful projects such as upgrading existing CCTV cameras and installing new ones.

Other notable findings from the Herefordshire survey include:

  • 71% of respondents believe West Mercia Police understands Herefordshire's issues.
  • 88% feel confident about accessing police assistance in an emergency.
  • More than half (58%) think the police are doing an excellent or good job.

Commissioner Campion welcomed the survey's results, noting, "It’s important that Herefordshire communities back the force to deliver on their priorities. As your voice in policing, I will continue to provide your police force with the resources and tools it needs to make a real difference."

Despite the positive figures, Campion acknowledges the ongoing nature of the task. "I am fully committed to ensuring you are safe and feel safe," he states, "it’s brilliant to see a majority of Herefordshire respondents feel crime and anti-social behaviour are not problems in their area. However, I am acutely aware that this isn’t job done but a solid foundation on which to build further.” The figures may be encouraging, but the commitment to enhance the safety and security of Herefordshire remains steadfast.