This month society members were excited to be meeting once again in St Martin’s Hall, newly refurbished after a minor fire earlier in the year.

There was an exciting presentation too; David Griffiths travelled from Reading to show part of his display entitled “Here Be Dragons” which not only won him a Large Gold medal at the London 2022 International Show but also received the award for the overall best Thematic exhibit.

Using a wide variety of postal material, some of it very rare, David told the story of dragons over the centuries from times when dragons were venerated and feared to the Christian era when Saints, notably St George, slew dragons as the manifestation of Satan.

Dragons feature in cultures all over the world; golden ones in Japan, red in Wales and the Green Dragons of pub signs, including in Hereford’s Broad Street.

Our next meeting will be held on December 7 in St Martin’s Hall, in Ross Road at 7.30pm, when our President, Greg Brunt will be entertaining us. For more information contact secretary, Janet Nelson.