A number of Gazette readers have come forward with supportive remarks on the retirement of a lunchtime supervisor who has been watching over the kids at Goodrich Primary School for nearly 50 years.

Anna Holder told the Gazette: “The dinner ladies at Goodrich always made an impression on students. I still remember when it was Mrs Joyner, Mrs Aubree, and Mrs Thomas on meals and then Mrs Thomas would oversee the children in the playground with Mrs Morris. Great memories of a great school.”

Fifi Woodley added: “And Mrs Morris was a gem too.” Hayley Francis said: “Such great memories.”

Lunchtime supervisor Mrs Frances Thomas first arrived 48 years ago to serve her first lunch at Goodrich Primary School. In her role she has helped, supported, and played playground games with hundreds of children, including her late-son, daughter and, more recently, her granddaughter.

Julie Blake said: “Mrs Miles and the whole school community are in awe of her commitment and service and we’ll miss her greatly. Thank you so much for everything Mrs Thomas.”