In response to a surge in vaping incidents amongst students, John Kyrle High School (JKHS) is taking decisive action to curb this trend. The school has initiated a campaign to inform and educate both students and their parents or guardians about the potential hazards of vaping.

Rachael Harries, will be leading a webinar on the 5th of July from 6-6.30 pm. This online session aims to elucidate the issues brought about by vaping, particularly the harmful health effects it may have on young people. In addition, the webinar will provide parents and guardians with resources to assist them if they suspect their child may be vaping.

Given the seriousness of vaping and its implications on health, JKHS is dedicated to fostering awareness among parents and carers, who may be uninformed about the risks associated with vaping. The school’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its students is paramount, and it believes in equipping parents with the knowledge and resources to address concern effectively.