Year 13 History students from John Kyrle High School are currently embracing the rich cultural heritage of London with a series of exciting and educational visits.

The eager students are making the most of their trip by exploring some of the UK’s most iconic historical sites and cultural institutions.

Their journey has taken them to the renowned British Museum, where they marvelled at the vast collection of artifacts spanning centuries of human history. The students also enjoyed a captivating tour of Hampton Court, immersing themselves in the opulence of the Tudor era and gaining a deeper understanding of the period.

The students’ historical expedition is far from over, with plans to visit the iconic Globe Theatre, the formidable Tower of London, the majestic Windsor Castle, and the contemporary Tate Modern art gallery. These visits will provide invaluable insights into British history and culture, enriching their educational experience.

An unexpected highlight of the trip, however, was a stop at Membury Services on the M4 motorway. The students found themselves buzzing with excitement over the modern amenities and the well-deserved break from their whirlwind tour.

This unique journey is sure to create lasting memories for the John Kyrle High School students, as they continue to absorb the richness of British history and culture.