New headteacher at John Kyrle High School has told the Gazette that school uniforms are an important part of a school and must be affordable.

Headteacher Julian Morgan plans to review the uniform policy by speaking with, and consulting people on their views of uniforms.

Mr Morgan said: “It needs to be affordable, it needs to be smart, but we need not to waste time dealing with uniform issues, people just need to understand they’ve come to a school and there are basic uniform expectations. What I don’t want to do is waste time arguing with people as to whether or not they should be wearing trainers or shoes; if they’ve signed up to school, then the policy is shoes.”

He added: “I recognise the fact that at the moment uniform’s really expensive. My understanding is that our uniforms are cheaper than a lot of other uniforms, but we are going to consult with other people to see what their views of it are. Whatever we do, I want it to be cheap, cost-effective, and smart. I want the town of Ross to be proud of our kids. One of the visible symbols of being proud of our kids, is the way they compose themselves and the way they dress, I don’t want scruffy kids walking around the town, that just doesn’t reflect well on us.”