John Kyrle High School Year 10 Food Technology students had an exciting and educational week as they learned the art of portioning chickens, guided by an expert in the field. James Hughes, proprietor of Pengethley Farm Shop in Ross-on-Wye, was invited to give a hands-on demonstration and discuss potential career opportunities in the butchery sector.

Hughes informed the students about various job possibilities within the industry, including working in retail at an independent butcher’s shop or supermarket, preparing and storing meat for hotels and restaurants, and even becoming a meat hygiene inspector to ensure quality standards are maintained in meat plants and abattoirs worldwide. Hughes also shared that he is always on the lookout for young, enthusiastic individuals to join the world of butchery and offers apprenticeship opportunities at Pengethley Farm.

Following the demonstration, students worked in pairs to portion a chicken and later used the various chicken parts in creating different dishes, such as chicken stir-fry with homemade noodles, stuffed chicken using the thigh, and marinated drumsticks and wings. Photos of the final dishes will be showcased in next week’s school newsletter.

The hands-on experience not only taught students valuable skills but also provided insight into achieving top-grade boundaries in their NEA 2 practical work. The session was well-received.