Parents in Herefordshire are discovering which primary school their child will attend in September 2023. Herefordshire Council has allocated 1,655 places in primary schools throughout the county, with most families receiving their first preference.

The parental preference success rates are as follows:

First preference: 1,597 offers, accounting for 96.5 per cent of the total offers.

Second preference: 39 offers, comprising 2.3 per cent of the total offers, with a cumulative success rate of 98.8 per cent.

Third preference: 8 offers, making up 0.5 per cent of the total offers, with a cumulative success rate of 99.3 per cent.

A small number of parents, 11 placements (0.7 per cent), did not receive any of their preferred options. In these cases, offers were made for the nearest school to their home address with available spaces.

Compared to last year, there has been a slight increase in first preference placements, with 95 per cent of parents having received their first choice in 2022. Furthermore, the overall success rate for receiving one of their top three preferences has improved, rising to 99.3 per cent.

As in previous years, Herefordshire schools remain net importers of pupils, attracting more students from neighbouring counties than Herefordshire pupils seeking placements elsewhere. Currently, 13 primary schools in the county have waiting lists, while 61 schools have spaces available for incoming students.

To streamline the application process, Herefordshire Council has continued promoting its online application service. This year, 98 per cent of applicants utilised the platform, making the process more efficient and accessible for parents.

With the majority of families receiving their preferred placements, the upcoming school year promises an exciting beginning for Herefordshire’s newest primary school students. Parents and guardians can now start preparing for their child’s transition into their chosen school.