Well, what a fantastic way to mark an end to five very eventful years for our Y11 students! We had a fantastic prom night, held in school last Friday evening. A large team of staff (led by Liz Colclough, Sophie Jones and Jasmine Hawkins) transformed the school hall into an atmospheric party venue. Our Y11 students arrived in style; some on foot, many in a wide variety of vehicles including tractors, jeeps, four-wheel drives and a stretch limousine. Students were greeted as they arrived by Julian Morgan and Nick Wardale before having their photos taken on the red carpet.

Once everyone was assembled, students, teachers and tutors enjoyed a meal of gourmet burgers and sweet treats. Memories were shared, speeches made, prizes awarded. Highlights included the sharing of an end of Y11 video put together by Mr Pritchard (aided by none other than Taylor Swift) and a moving speech given by Mrs Addis, a member of the school site team who holds a special place in Year 11’s hearts. Nick Wardale led a toast to the class of 2023. The tables were then quickly cleared away so that everyone had space to show off their moves on the dance floor.

What can I say? We are incredibly proud of you, our amazing Year 11s; you have shown great resilience in recent years as well as real determination during your recent exams. We had a fantastic time at the prom. We are looking forward to welcoming very many of you back to the sixth form in September. I have been super proud to be your Head of Year and wish you all the best for the future, wherever life may take you...

Carpe Diem, Nick Wardale, Head of Year 11