Pupils and teachers at Whitchurch Primary School, were joined by groups of students and staff from Weston under Penyard Primary School, to explore their health and wellbeing on Thursday, January 10th.

A spokesperson for Whitchurch Primary School told the Ross Gazette: “We believe that it is really important to teach the children about their physical health and the importance of exercising and keeping physically healthy, but also equally important for them to learn about mental health and wellbeing.

“While one of the group activities involves running and burning off energy, others involve simply appreciating each other, their friends, and the natural world around them.”

The children worked in small groups where they worked together and individually trying out new activities and learning about health and wellbeing. The different stations each focused on different areas of mental and physical health.

A local yoga teacher taught them about what yoga is and how to it, along with some key yoga positions and breathing techniques which the pupils really enjoyed.

They also learnt about and tried out mindfulness techniques and meditation, which for some was their first time doing so.

The day involved arty activities as well because harnessing creativity is often a relaxing pastime for many people.

All of the children designed and made their own calming, beautiful glitter bottles and also spent time outside just to take notice of, and appreciate nature and the environment around them. They were also given the opportunity to draw the scenery if they wanted to.

Another activity included writing and giving compliments to other people in the groups and showing appreciation for their classmates.

As well as mental health, pupils also looked into the links with physical health and exercise. They learnt that exercising can also improve your emotional wellbeing.

Claire McKeown is Headteacher at Whitchurch CE Primary and Weston under Penyard CE Primary as the schools have formed the River Wye Teaching Alliance.