I love the month of May. It is largely believed to have been named for the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. The joy of seeing gardens coming back to life and driving through cow parsley filled lanes never fails to make me smile. 

It also is a symbol to me and a sign of the passage of time. I’ve now been in post since September and back then I resolved to develop and improve all areas of our work around the acronym “TEACH”. 

This stands for:

T Teaching and Learning

E Engagement

A Academic Outcomes

H High Quality Leadership.

We’ve made good progress and we’re looking forward to what we do next. There have been some exciting appointments made over the past few weeks and we’ll keep everyone updated about next steps. In addition to a “council of parents” I have said we’ll create to look at all things mental health, I’ll also do some community surgeries from September. Here, I’ll be out and about and free to meet anyone who wants to speak with me.

Whatever you are doing, pause to take time to enjoy the month of May.