Students from John Kyrle High School embark on a journey to discover their future at the UCAS Discovery convention, held this year at the International Convention Centre in Newport. With a mission to provide Year 12 students a taste of the myriad opportunities available to them, the school takes pride in its annual tradition of attending the event.

The exhibition featured a staggering 148 universities, colleges, apprenticeship providers, and employment organisations. Expert representatives were present to discuss their respective courses, facilities, and other essential information that students may require when contemplating their next steps in life.

Throughout the event, numerous live talks were held, aimed at delivering the most up-to-date advice and information on diverse career choices, options, and pathways. This gave students a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of what university and future employment or training might have to offer, and to gain a sense of the countless courses and opportunities that may lie ahead.

As always, John Kyrle High School students proved to be a real credit to their school, asking thoughtful questions and demonstrating genuine interest and enthusiasm for their future prospects. The event served as an ideal platform for the students to gain crucial insights, helping them make informed decisions about their further education and careers.

Over the next few weeks, the school will initiate the university and apprenticeship application process, providing additional information for parents to stay informed and support their children during this crucial phase. The school’s commitment to guiding their students in exploring their future pathways is evident through their participation in the UCAS Discovery convention and the subsequent support provided to students and their families.