Newent Community School students gave a lesson to town councillors as they shared their knowledge of dementia.

Having participated in former Prime Minister David Cameron’s Dementia Challenge, it has been designated a ‘pioneer’ school. On Monday, Year Eight pupils Holly Gibson, Olivia Gladwin and Leo Kelly went to the council offices to give a talk and lead activities raising awareness of the condition.

Di Harrill, Newent Community School’s Head of Personal, Social and Health education, said: “The students shared their knowledge of dementia with the town council, they encouraged the members to imagine how it might feel to have dementia by using visualisation games. We are hoping that together we can help Newent become dementia-friendly and help people here live well with the condition.”

Praising the students, the Town Council’s Vilnis Vesma added: “This was an exemplary initiative which, combined with a briefing the council has done for local businesses and the work of local housing associations and others, shows the town can claim to be something of a beacon in the region when it comes to raising awareness of dementia.”

Newent Community School has been a dementia pioneer school since taking part in the Prime Minister’s inter-generational challenge to improve community support and understanding for those with dementia, as well as to increase research, five years ago. All Year Eight pupils receive an award following a commitment to do something to support the initiative, such as help reduce the stigma or support someone with dementia.