It is fantastic to see our students and staff back in the building after a richly deserved break.

The last term was an exciting and busy one. It culminated in our open evening and we were proud to showcase what we do.

Our sixth form even is happening on Thursday, November 17 between 6pm and 8pm.

This week I have been delivering assemblies to all year groups about the importance of attendance at school.

Even though we love what we do, sometimes it takes some real motivation to leave a warm bed.

Attendance at school becomes a real challenge through the cold winter months as colds and worse take hold.

We know that there is a clear link between attendance at school and academic performance and our job is to make sure that any barriers are removed so students can thrive.

We’ve discussed in school that students need to attend some 190 out of 365 in the academic year. When we put it this way, 100 per cent attendance seems more achievable for most people!

Another focus for us has been rewards and we’re launching our new rewards approach next week to ensure that the huge numbers of our fantastic young people who give 100 per cent and do the right thing are celebrated and rewarded.

We’d love feedback from everyone about how you feel this is working.

Speaking to students, it is clear that they want this to happen and we’re looking forward to it.

Here’s to a fantastic second half to the autumn term!

Julian Morgan, Headteacher